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We have found that most West Michigan firms are terrific in terms of supporting their customers with excellent products and services. These same folks, who provide these high quality products and services and can talk at length about this aspect of their businesses, often have far less understanding of the markets they serve and the dynamics and changes within the markets. In other words this is a customer centric region. And those customers tend to be local.

We believe that a strong understanding of the end markets is a critical step in achieving the next level of growth for most firms. Usually it is a lack of resources that can be dedicated to this effort that causes this void. It is also difficult to find the right resources for this purpose. These are reasons that support using the services of the Collaboration Center, which can be highly efficient and rewarding. Getting a fast understanding of need and using experienced personnel to identify market trends can be invaluable in positioning a business for enhanced growth and profitability. This usually turns out to be a profitable investment.

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