Current Activity: Projects and People

This has been an active summer with strategy and implement work with affiliates and third party clients. We have expanded the human capital resources of the Center with work from Michael Thorsby in supply chain management and new business development in the automotive and sports apparel markets for prospective clients.

Steve Wells applied his years of experience in market intelligence and connecting the marketing research dots to the lithium ion battery market and the prospects for developing a secondary market for distribution. Steve’s company “Periscope LLC” was used to do an initial study for the specialty sports apparel company Crazy Pants that is now a client.

In order to provide an internal systems platform to support the high rate of growth that Crazy Pants is experiencing, Mark Nagelvoort has installed an order management system with a more robust costing, inventory control and fulfillment system. The task here is to provide a current platform to support the high growth and then to prepare for continued growth plan for the next three years.

Among affiliated companies, West Michigan Discovery is entering 2014 with an expanded list of venues for West Michigan exploration and recreation. West Michigan Discovery had 200 venues last year and that number will be increased in number and depth of coverage. is designed to provide online resources and references of recreational and learning opportunities in West Michigan. The Collaboration Center is providing content, strategy and implementation for this online service.

Wilderness Adventure Trailer is an outgrowth of an active market developed by Kayak-Kayak. The talents and resources of the Collaboration Center were used in terms of market strategy and development with a focus on online selling, fulfillment and delivery. Receiving national inquiries and providing solutions for wilderness adventure customers, the Center has been able to help design product , market nationally and provide solutions for the delivery of these products.

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